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Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye

This will be the last weekly Blog which I shall be writing as the MP for Sittingbourne & Sheppey. I began writing it on 10th January 2005 and have written just on 240 entries!

Like the web site, this Blog will be legally deposited with the British Library: The site as such will be left in cyberspace at so that I can continue to use which launches anew on 19th April 2010 with a Daily Blog.

I have received lots of regular comments about the Blog and I hope you will enjoy my new web site which will have one or two surprises and has again be designed by the award-winning Andy Hudson of HBR and Bapchild.


5th-11th April 2010
The Last Week

Westminster, A General Election, Goodbye & Moving

Easter Monday (Back on the Campaign Trail)

I spent the morning helping out in St George’s Ward in North Islington where Jeremy Corbin is the MP. Jessica Asato, Gary Heather & Alex Smith are our Labour candidates and they are trying to win Council seats where the divide in the borough is 23 Labour and 23 Lib Dems councillors…..

Tuesday (General Election called: Digital Bill)

As expected the PM called the General Election on 6th May 2010; curiously there was no Statement in the House to that effect. Most of the day was spent throwing things out or finishing off case work. I went to FCO question time and asked Ivan Lewis about Mugabe’s laundered money. Later, I listened to the Digital Bill 2nd reading, made one intervention and spoke for ten minutes about it lacking an overall vision. I had some kind comments and tweets from people watching on television.

Wednesday (Leaving Drinks: 3rd Reading Digital Bill)

I met George Osborne on the escalator first thing and we chatted briefly about the PM’s visit to Kent yesterday then almost immediately I bumped into David Cameron and we said “Hello”. The election period makes us suddenly “enemies” which is not the case in the House. It was George who tipped me off that there was going to be an Election in October, 2007 (I said there wouldn’t be….). PMQs was unpleasant and not the way to finish this five year Parliament. Afterwards, I went to see the PM in his study in the House to say “Goodbye” and wish him luck. In the evening, many of my closest friends from inside and outside of Parliament dropped by to share a drink at my farewell party. Anna and the team bought me three wonderful books on jazz. I treated Daisy and Jack to their last supper in Portcullis House before going back into the Chamber to tell the Government what a mess the Digital Bill now was but as expected it was given a Third Reading as part of the iniquitous “wash-up” period.   

Thursday (A Last Day in Parliament)

Most of the day, I looked at what needed to be packed up, shredded or reviewed but there was so many files, I left them for another day. I still have nearly ten days to clear my office but one more day should do it. My staff have been simply outstanding in helping me clear the decks.

Friday (Moving)

Packing up a home is not much fun: packing up on your own is not much fun either. But, my new life started last night (though I remain an MP until 6th May 2010) and as part of my life changes I have to live in one place for the first time for 13 years. It was quite a wrench saying my own quiet “Goodbyes”……..I wonder what the future has in store for me?

Saturday (Grand National)

Three years ago, I said to Jack we should compile a list of things we’d like to go to together over the next 20 years or so before I pop my clogs. Today we achieved one of them……we went to Aintree to watch the Grand National. After, the emotional pull of the past week, it was great fun to spend time with him and we even managed a third and a fourth in the “Big” race!

Sunday (Unpacking)

I spent the day tidying up, making a mess, tidying up, making a mess – you get the drift. It has been a huge honour being your MP for the past 13 years.


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