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Why suddenly have the Tories reneged on their Thatcherite promises to cut public spending by £70-£80 billion if they win the next Election?

Why have they suddenly decided not to cut local authority spending (not surely because most of them are Tory?)

Why have most Tory local authorities increased their spending above inflation from April 2010 and then imposed draconian cuts?

On their current major u-turn look no further than their private polling which is...

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This web site will be formally deposited with the British Library: . It will also be suspended into cyberspace as:

A new web site using: will be launched on 19th April 2010. It will have a Daily Blog and concentrate on Politics, Foreign Affairs, Digital & New Media, Sport & Culture.

The site has again be designed by the multi-award winning Andy Hudson of HBR and it will have a number of new tricks and treats.




Safe Tax


Q. Lord Ashcroft accepted a peerage from the Tories and tells them he was a UK resident; he spent £5 million in Labour marginal seats in 2005 and maybe as much in 2010. We now know he has been a non-dom for a decade yet he remains Deputy Chairman of Tory Party who have refused to sack him; refused to repay his money and refused to take his peerage away. He then, for good measure, pays for the private Tory polling through a company in Belize thus avoiding VAT. Didn't Cameron say again and again he would clear up the sleaze in his own party. Why hasn't he sacked him?

And you think they care about you and me? Welcome back to the Nasty party
We're heading for a General Election. Which party cares for ALL of its people?



Brown on Cameron: "The more he talks the less he says." Bullseye.


The Funeral for Danny Holkham, killed whilst on active service in Afghanistan, will be at Eastchurch Parish Church on Friday 23rd April 2010 at 12 noon.


The General Election was called for 6th May 2010; the last day of activity in Parliament was Thursday 8th April 2010 when a number of Bills were concluded under the "Wash-Up". One of them was the Digital Economy Bill which Derek spoke on in both the Second and Third Readings.


6th-11th April 2009 (the last week of Parliament)

Sunday (Clearing Up this site)
This is the last day of this site as it goes in to permanent hibernation. It will be legally deposited with the British Library at and then it will be suspended into cyberspace under:  

Saturday (Clearing out Pockets @ the Grand National)
It was a case of a day at The Races as Derek and his son, Jack, attended the Grand National for the first time.

Friday (Clearing House)
Derek moved house......

Thursday (Clearing Office)
Most of the day was spent clearing out his office which will continue early next week.

Wednesday (Clearing up Legislation)
Friends of Derek came to a drinks party in Parliament to say goodbye. He then spoke again in the House during the third reading of the Digital Economy Bill. 

Tuesday (Clearing Out)
The PM announced the date (6th May) of the General Election; Derek asked a Q in FCO Question Time on Zimbabwe and then later spoke in the 2nd Reading of the Digital Economy Bill.


30th March-5th April 2009

Easter Saturday, Sunday & Monday
Went to exhibitions at the NPG, the V&A and the Tate; saw the French film: Lourdes.

Friday (Good Friday)
Spent the day reading and writing; watched Sandra Bulloch in The Blind Side

Thursday (Packing Up)
Charles Horton, CEO, Southeastern Trains; Daisy & Jack; Boisdale's Jazz Bar

Wednesday (Packing Up)
Works of Art, Boisdale's Jazz Bar.

Tuesday (Last Day before recess)
Stephen Timms, Digital Minister; Old Testament Prophets lunch; Design Group; finished business just after midnight

David Cameron visited Morrison's in the patch; we're running a competition to find out if he held a photographic opportunity with his own Tory candidate. (Answer: he didn't).


What do you think?

Do you think that Lord Ashcroft the Tory non-dom should be stripped of his peerage?

Weekly Blog Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye

This will be the last weekly Blog which I shall be writing as the MP for Sittingbourne & Sheppey. I began writing it on 10th January 2005 and have written just on 240 entries!

Like the web site, this Blog will be legally deposited with the British Library: The site as such will be left in cyberspace at so that I can continue to use
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