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KCC gets £2,448,400 for winter potholes

25 March 2010

£100m to Plug Potholes
(KCC gets £2.5 million extra)


  • The Chancellor has announced an extra £100m – ring-fenced - for local authorities to repair pothole damage as a result of this winter’s severe weather.


  • The winter of 2009/10 was the most severe in 30 years with all areas of the country being affected – inflicting massive damage on our road network


  • Labour has trebled funding to local authorities over the last 10 years for road maintenance.  This pothole fund further demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our roads are in the best possible condition.



Further Information


  • The latest three year settlement means that funding will be £809m in 2010/11, up from £265m in 2000-01. This is in addition to funding also provided for routine maintenance. 


  • We still want local authorities to carry out regular, well managed maintenance on their roads to make sure that they are as resilient as possible to the effects of cold weather.  


  • However, we recognise that last winter was exceptionally severe and that is why we are making this one-off payment to councils to ensure that they can repair their roads as soon as possible.


  • The Department for Transport will distribute the funding direct to local highway authorities based on the length and type of road they are responsible for. We believe that this is the quickest and fairest way to make sure that councils receive funding as soon as possible so that they can carry out urgent repairs to their roads.


  • The money will be ring-fenced and each local authority will have to publish a brief report on what work they have carried out with the funding.


  • It will be for each local authority to decide what repairs it should carry out based on their local knowledge.





Road Article

The Big Freeze that hit Britain this winter inflicted massive damage on our road network. Snow, ice and plummeting temperatures not only made it the severest winter in 30 years, they also left a moonscape of pitted and potholed roads to be repaired up and down the country.


Councils have been working flat out to repair the most severely affected roads. But they still face a significant, and expensive, task to fix the lesser damage which, if left, would become a danger to road users and increasingly expensive to repair.


That’s why in yesterday’s Budget, Labour announced an extra £100 million funding for local authorities to help put the damage right - including an extra £2,448.400 for Kent.


 Rapid and decisive action to ensure that our roads are in the best possible condition before next winter.


And to make sure it is spent on our roads, the money will be ring-fenced, with each local authority publishing a brief report on the work they’ve carried out with the funding.


This means the funding will go where it should go – to plug the potholes.  And we’ll be able to make sure that KCC has made the repairs properly and spent the money wisely.


You’ll also be pleased to know that Labour has recently announced plans to make sure utility companies repair roads properly after carrying out their work. Taken together, it is clear proof of our determination to tackle maintenance problems and make our local roads safe and fit for purpose.


All this comes on top of a trebling in Labour’s investment for local road maintenance over the past decade – up from £265 million in 2000/01 to £809 million in 2010/11.


But we understand we must also look forward to help avoid another sudden deterioration in road conditions in the future. So, we will be encouraging local authorities to focus on longer term resurfacing and maintenance work.


All this demonstrates that when things go wrong, Labour is on your side. Taking the decisions in the interest of the many and not the few and working to make the road ahead as smooth as possible.





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