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Constituency Achievements

Constituency Achievements 1997-2010


  • Made sure the £100 million Bridge was in the 40 UK Road & Bridge schemes announced in July 1998; Tories had 500 road and bridge schemes when we came into power in May 1997, none of which had either a Treasury Bill attached or adequate criteria as to why they were needed; we promised to follow the Tory spending plans from 1997-99 and there were no funds in there for a second crossing anyway
  • Stopped the Tory PFI scheme for the new Sheppey Hospital; won the campaign to take the scheme out of the PFI; new £13 million Hospital announced in 2000
  • Helped save HMS Cavalier after constituents who had served on her during WW2 came to see me on Remembrance Day 1997 (£800k Lottery award) now at Chatham Naval Dockyard
  • Introduced £1 school train journey to Parliament and back; copied by almost every other MP in some form or other
  • Instigated Canterbury BC's bid for Cultural Capital 2007


  • New £13 million Hospital opened ahead of time September, 2001
  • New £100 million Bridge started early 2004
  • Stopped The Coniston Hotel being used as an Asylum Reception centre after a Tory county councillor, rather than doing something about the issue, just took the easy option and leaked it to the newspapers and then sat on his hands watching the situation unfold
  • Won the backing for the Rushenden Link Road
  • Persuaded BT to broadband every exchange in the patch except Milstead (only 75 on the exchange there)
  • Started the campaign with the local swimming group to save the closure of the pool at Sheerness; donated £50 to start the bak account
  • Began campaign for Northern Distributor Road in Sittingbourne
  • Opposed developments at Kent Science Park
  • Initiated Wetlands visitor attraction for Elmley Marshes which won £165,000 scoping funds
  • Instigated campaign for a local community cinema in Sheerness
  • Started Think Tank for the Island
  • Asked for road traffic calming measures for Oad Street
  • Intervened and opposed "Contestability" at our threee prisons


  • New Bridge (£100 million) opened 3rd July 2006
  • £19 million found for Rushenden Link Road, should start in 2007
  • Won £880,000 for Warden Bay coastal erosion
  • Fought for Northern Distributor Road funding (c.£19-25 million)
  • Continued to oppose developments at Kent Science Park; spoke at Inquiry (June 2006)
  • Helped resolve reservoir leakages at Halfway (Feb-June 2006) 
  • Helped win "Contestability" issue at three prisons (April-July2005)
  • £160,000 funding for Community Cinema at Sheerness announced; cinema opened by MP in October, 2006
  • £350,000 funding for saving Shurland Hall by English Heritage 10th July 2006
  • Responsible for changing UK law on Community Radio and supported all bids locally, won by BRFM June, 2006
  • Opposed Housing at Stone's Farm, Bapchild
  • Supported change to 2 tier education for Sheppey and a federated Academy on three sites; won £50 million and the federated academy won but on two sites not three (July 2007)
  • Campaigned for London Array Offshore Wind Farm (successful August 2007)
  • Finally won 90% compensation for former ASWorkers over their Occupational Pensions (December 2007)


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