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Donations to local and national organisations 2004-10

Derek donates all his fees for interviews and articles to local organisations. He also supports Exeter University and St Catherine's College, Oxford (his own universities) to the tune of about £600 a year.


Kent Family Mediation Centre £150 

Kent Family Mediation Centre £175

Haiti Earthquake Appeal £50
Kent Family Mediation Centre £100

St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey £25

Kent Family Mediation Centre £375

Royal Legion Poppy Appeal £25


£400 Oak Athletic FC 

£250 SSAFA

£22 Carbon trading (3 private flights)

Total: £672 


£2200 Swale Mediation Centre(including a single donation of £1500)

£250 to Demelza House

£150 to pay for the microphone licence for ASW's march in Westminster

£100 to the Farepak help-line created after it went into liquidation

£50 to Swale Arts Forum for a Film prize  

£50 and a Sony laptop to the young people at Swale Foyer in Sheerness during June-July 2007

£25 to Warden Bay's youth group. 

£25 to support the local efforts for those made homeless by the Bangladesh cyclone

£25 to the Woodland Trust 

Total: 2007 £2875 

2004-06 Demelza House £1000

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