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How to campaign

                 This is still a work in progress site but we're nearly there!

                      A Guide for local parish councils, organisations and constituents

                                          Derek Wyatt MP

1. Which bit of the democratic process owns the issue?

a) Swale Borough Council?
b) Kent County Council?
c)  Government?

** Always keep a copy of the letter or email you send
** Take a note of any telephone calls you make and the name of anyone you speak to
** Try and take photographs if it is appropriate
** Make sure you have copies of any documentation and any important telephone numbers or references

If a) your Swale borough councillors can be found at 

If b) your Kent County councillors can be found at 

Your local MP runs advice surgeries for emergency cases (no appointment necessary) on Monday mornings at 5 London Road, Sittingbourne and holds weekly advice surgeries alternating between Sittingbourne and Sheppey; a list is published here: . You can email him at or any of his staff see  or write to him at House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA or call him on 0207 219 5238 or 10795 477277

2. What happens if my borough or county councillor doesn’t reply, is slow in responding or seems completely disinterested?

a) send a copy of the letter to the Leader of the councillor’s party:

Swale BC, Swale House, Sittingbourne, Kent

Labour: Cllr Angela Harrison
Lib Dem: Cllr Elvie Lowe
Tory: Cllr Andrew Bowles

Kent CC, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent

Labour: Cllr Mike Eddy
Lib Dem: Cllr Trudie Dean
Tory: Cllr Paul Carter

We have put  a link to both these councils at the bottom of Derek's Home Page.

3. What happens if still nothing happens?

You’ve a couple of options – come and see me,  write to the local newspapers or call BRFM


East Kent Gazette: (email here)

Kent Messenger: (email here)


Sheppey Gazette (email)

Sheerness Times-Guardian (email)

East Kent Gazette – 01795 475411            Fax 01795 422389
Sheerness Times Guardian 01795 580300  Fax 01795 660515
Kent Messenger 01795 426873                 Fax 01795 420885

BRFM our new local community radio on 95.6FM

4. What if it is something like the closing of a school (e.g. Milstead CP) or a new drug not prescribed by the PCT (especially cancer) or too many deaths on a dangerous bit of road (Jenkins Hill, Eastchurch) or a mobile phone mast too near to your house (Ruins Barn Road, Tunstall) or being served a writ on you whilst you are in your garden or losing your Benefit claim?

a) Example - Milstead
b) Example - Primary Care Trust
c) Example - Jenkins Hill, Eastchurch
d) Example - Ruins Barn Road
e) Example – Being served with a writ
f) Example – Losing your Benefit Claim

5.  What if it is all together more substantial like the ASW Occupational Pensions issue or the costs of accessing the Sex Offenders Register or a listed building (Shurland Hall) or a ruined WW2 ship (HMS Cavalier) or coastal erosion at Warden Bay or a new road (Rushenden Link Road/Northern Distributor Road/new Bridge) or the lack of broadband or the need for Lottery funding?       

a) ASW Occupational Pensions
b) Sex Offenders Register
c) Shurland Hall, Eastchurch (Tudor Manor House)
d) HMS Cavalier
e) Coastal Erosion at Warden Bay
f)  New roads
g) Broadband
h) Lottery funding

6 What happens if it is a real emergency?

Call: Derek Wyatt on 0207 219 5807 (Parliament: direct line) or 01795 477277 (Local Office) or text his mobile at 07802 170511

7. What can your MP do for you in Parliament?

a) Hand in a Petition to The Speaker in the Chamber of the House of Commons

click here for PETITION

click here for PETITIONS handed in since May, 1997   

b) Raise Questions on the ORDER PAPER in Hansard - these have to be answered by the Secretary of State within five working days

click here for EXAMPLES   

c) Raise Questions to the Prime Minister or a specific Secretary of State at  QUESTION TIME

Click here for all QUESTIONS to the Prime Minister since May, 1997 

Click here for QUESTIONS to a Minister 

d) Ask The Speaker for an ADJOURNMENT DEBATE

Adjournment debate on the Swale crossing

Adjournment debate on Kent Science Park.

Westminster Hall adjournment debate on the Kent and Medway structure plan.

Adjournment debate on the siting of a concrete crushing plant at Four Gun Field in Upchurch.

Adjournment debate on proposed refugee centre at the Coniston Hotel Sittingbourne and the role of the National Asylum Support Service.

Adjournment debate on pension funds.

Westminster Hall adjournment debate on the Barnett Formula

Westminster Hall adjournment debate on Sheppey Community Hospital.

Westminster Hall adjournment debate on the second crossing of the Swale and the proposed Queenborough roundabout.

Westminster Hall adjournment debate on the National Lottery.

Adjournment debate on libraries

Adjournment debate on Sheppey Academy

e) Fix for you to go and see a MINISTER.

We have arranged visits for constituents to see Ministers to discuss issues such as Child Support with the Minister in charge of the Child Support Agency,  to discuss the state of Oncology Services at Maidstone Hospital with the Minister of State for Health Services, we brought ASW pensioners to see the Minister for Works and Pensions.  We  have hosted lunches for local businessmen and the Chamber of Commerce with The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. We have arranged lunches with local voluntary groups with Ministers from the Department of Works and Pensions and The Treasury.

Click here for EXAMPLES

f) Propose a TEN MINUTE RULE bill

Click here for EXAMPLES   

Community Lottery Bill, Community Planning Bill, Equal Access for Women in all Public and private Buildings Bill

g) Change the LAW

Click here for EXAMPLES

Computer Misuse Act   see

Change in Pension Payments

The law was that if you went into hospital your pension was not paid until after you had been there for 13 weeks.  Derek could   see no logic in this and campaigned for the time before the pension to be paid to be reduced to 6 weeks

Charges for registering adults who work with children. 

Local Scouts and Guides Groups lobbied Derek explaining that voluntary organisations were expected to pay what in some cases were quite substantial sums to register their volunteers.  After Derek's lobbying the law was changed so that registration was made free to voluntary organisations

h) Raise it at a SELECT COMMITTEE

Click here for EXAMPLES

See above HMS Cavalier, Community and Shurland Hall

8. Is Parliament the only way your MP can raise an issue?

No it isn’t; Parliament is no longer what it was and sometimes it pays to sit down and plan a CAMPAIGN that includes the Media and Parliament. See ASW Occupational Pensions on this site.


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