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Cameron and Osborne have mis-read the tea leaves

Why suddenly have the Tories reneged on their Thatcherite promises to cut public spending by £70-£80 billion if they win the next Election?

Why have they suddenly decided not to cut local authority spending (not surely because most of them are Tory?)

Why have most Tory local authorities increased their spending above inflation from April 2010 and then imposed draconian cuts?

On their current major u-turn look no further than their private polling which is telling them that the "Steady as she goes" policies of the Labour Government have resonated with Joe Public.

The debt has accumulated because of the world banking system. Our PM has led the world in reforming the system. The Government has nationalised banks where necessary to save jobs and to save the sytem. None of these policies were supported by the Tories who would have let them all go the dogs and this would have led to catastrophic unemployment and a run on the £.

We need to care for our people and do things step by step.

On the Local Government stuff - local Tories know that their budgets will be cut it in due course so all they are doing is preserving their bank balances so that when the cuts are implemented down the line (assuming a Tory Govt.) then they can go to Joe Public and tell them how wise they have been: rocket and scientists come to mind.

So, it seems as if the public are no longer certain of the Tories as three polls have Labour beginning to close on them - 9 to 8 to 7 points difference.....

This would lead to a hung Parliament.

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